Is there a website gallery like but just for a good accessible websites?

That would be a nice way to showcase visual design and importance of accessibility at the same time 🧐

Randomly woke up around 4 AM.

Brain fired up, thinking about:
- if my ex girlfriend bangs someone new
- if I should abandon all my chat apps and stick only with Signal
- how to redesign a thing at work
- how I should listen to more of Chromeo
- what would it look like if Spotify had tabs…

You know the usual stuff.

And here I am now 👇

Tinkering about redoing my 3 pages website in React.

- learning something new
- exploiting some of the pre-loading features

- obvious overkill
- it'll never beat og html/css/js combo



Осека је мала децентрализована заједница уметника/дизајнера/инжењера.